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for the steel distribution, window & door and extruding industry

Our core competences:

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) for long-bar products and flat goods (sheet metal)
  • Integrating sawing and storing applications

From small point-of-use storage towers to high-rise AS/RS and/or from a single saw to integrated sawing and storage systems – WRConsulting will jointly develop the solution that works best for your particular application.

Our Focus

Openess &
Mutual Goals
Data Driven

Too many companies still rely on yesterday's technologies to address todays requirements.

Today’s social and ergonomic challenges require out of the box thinking and solutions.

There is no “one size fits all” and it is definitely no longer your father’s way of doing business

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While an Automatic Storage & Retrieval Sstems (AS/RS) is not the Cure-All for every application, it does provide a lot of advantages when applied correctly. Basically, it is a computer-controlled system to receive, store and retrieve products. It applies the goods-to-person principle: rather than having workers wandering around the warehouse looking for the right product, the AS/RS delivers the right product in the fastest possible time to an operator.

It greatly improves safety, inventory management and -accuracy, speed to market, and frees up valuable floor space to add more value adding processes.


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In order to bring a project to a successful ending for all involved, sensitive information, data and knowledge might need to be shared openly with each other.

WRConsulting recognizes and respects a customer’s wishes and expectations and expects the same trust in return.



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New storage systems and/or new or improved processes require investments

Using the results of a WRC analysis as a base-line, goals are defined and set between WRConsulting and the customer and mutually agreed to.



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A decision about warehouse automation should be based on factual, impartial data rather than guessing what will work or not.

A typical analysis by WRConsulting covers a business’s activities - including peaks and lows - over an extended time period to avoid snapshot decisions.

It creates a baseline which becomes the measuring stick to judge the success and efficiency of warehouse automation.




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Werner Rankenhohn, President of WRConsulting, is a 40+ year veteran in the machine tool and material handling industry with more than 25 years in executive positions.

Aside from his management responsibilities, he was instrumental in every aspect of the planning and implementation of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems that can be found in the steel distribution industry, window and façade builders, fabricators and manufacturers.

These systems range from combined sawing and storing systems to installations where material is auto fed into cutting machines to large commissioning systems with automatic order picking and bundling.

Werner Rankenhohn holds a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Material Handling from the University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany.